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Dallas residents are eager to get out of town this summer and are in search of great weekend getaways from Dallas.  If you are a resident of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, what should you look for in a great place to spend a weekend away?  These tips will help you find fantastic weekend getaways from Dallas for this summer and beyond.  Below, we make one suggestion of a place that has it all!

Tip #1: Not too Close, Not too Far

The idea is to find a place that is further away than you’d want to go for a day, since you can do that any time, but not so far away you’ll hate the drive.  We suggest weekend getaways from Dallas that are 3-5 hours from town.  You’ll arrive in time to enjoy your Friday night and won’t have to leave until you experience a full day of fun on Sunday. 

Tip#2: Pick a Place with Lots to Do -- Or Not!

Even a weekend can get dull if you’re options for activities are limited.  Plus, choosing multiple activities over the weekend allows you to get more bang for your buck, extra fun for your fin de semana (weekend in Spanish, of course).  Then again, if you just really need a to slow down and unwind, choosing a place where your soul can be nurtured by nature’s beauty is a great option too.  You’ll find weekend getaways from Dallas that are nicely tailored to what you need most at the moment. 

Tip #3: Find Dining and Lodging Options for Any Budget

Some weekends you’ve got a little extra and don’t mind splurging on an upscale dinner of fancy digs.  Other weekends, the budget is tight so affordability counts. 

Tip #4: Water is Wonderful

Summers in Dallas are way too hot.  Finding weekend getaways from Dallas that offer cool, refreshing water make great sense--boating, swimming, tubing, water skiing help you beat the heat. 

And Our Recommendation Is...

Canyon Lake!  The Canyon Lake area is known as the premier water recreation area in the state and is often called the jewel of the Texas hill country for its sparkling beauty.  Here’s how it makes for perfect weekend getaways from Dallas:

There is something for everyone -- and doing nothing at all works great too.  The long list of activities includes boating, visiting quaint area shops, fishing for bass and trout,  hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, dining, tubing and more.  Canyon Lake offers word-class boating, skiing and wakeboarding.  The Guadalupe Rivers is hands-down the best tubing river you’re likely to find.  Of course, anchoring your boat in a shady, quiet cove or taking an unhurried hike under an oak canopy in the woods might be just what you’re looking for. 

You’ve got your choice of great accommodations.  If you want to be pampered all weekend in a resort setting, no problem.  If you want to haul the RV and camp, that works too.  In between, the Canyon Lake Texas area offers Bed & Breakfast options, rental cabins in the woods or on the lake, affordable motels and more.

The Canyon Lake area is perfect for active families, romantic couples or a group of friends.


It’s just 4 hours from Dallas / Ft. Worth!  That means you’ll hit town in time to enjoy yourself on Friday and can stay till Sunday evening and still get home at a reasonable time. 


If you’ve never been to Canyon Lake, this summer is a great time to discover it.  If its been a while, why not return and make some new memories at one of the states best weekend getaways from Dallas!





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