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With summer here, many of us are looking for great day trips from Austin TX.  We want to get away with the kids or entire family, a few friends, our club, youth group or organization in order to have some fun together.  Here are keys to finding great day trips from Austin TX.

Make it Close By

Traveling 2-3 hours or more just to get to the destination for the day is too much.  Save that trip for a weekender.  Just for the day, look for an option that is an hour away or less.  You’ll have more time to spend in activities, less time driving, with no long trip at the end of the day.  Plus, with gas prices what they are, close is definitely better.

Choose a Place with Options

If you’re going to make a day of it, your day trips from Austin TX should offer variety.  One activity in the morning and something different after lunch will keep kids and adults from getting bored.  And if a day is all you have, doing a couple different things will make the trip seem more worthwhile. 

Water is Good in the Hot Texas Summer

Day trips from Austin TX that involve water are definite winners.  Summers are scorchers here and cool water is the perfect balance.  Tubing, swimming or rafting are very good options. 

Have you Heard of Canyon Lake?

One area that offers wonderful day trips from Austin TX is the Canyon Lake area.  It is less than an hour from Austin.  The area is Texas’ premier water recreation area but also offers great hiking, golf, photography, wildlife viewing and more. 

Canyon Lake is a hotspot for all types of water activities including boating, riding personal watercraft, water skiing, wakeboarding, and just relaxing on the water.  The Guadalupe River which flows through it is one of the region’s top tubing rivers.  Marinas on the lake and outfitters on the river supply everything you need for memorable day trips from Austin TX.

The area is well-suited for enjoying more than one activity in a single day.  Hiking in the morning followed by tubing or rafting in the afternoon is a popular combination.  Golf in the afternoon followed by an evening swim or a few hours on the boat is another great way to spend a day.  If you are looking for something fresh to do this summer, Canyon Lake has all the ingredients for fun, affordable and memorable day trips from Austin TX.. 



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